Ed Porter is a 5th generation Oklahoman and a proud Democrat.  His family first came to America in 1637 — 139 years before the Declaration of Independence was signed!  Raised on a small farm in north Oklahoma, Ed attended Glencoe Public Schools.  Following high school he attended Oklahoma State University, graduating in 1975.  He began his professional career with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services with a focus on juvenile delinquency.  He also served as the State Planner for Secure and Non-Secure Detention Services and as a supervisor in the Child Welfare Agency.  Ed retired after 27 years of state service.

Ed later helped develop the first day reporting center in the State of Oklahoma in cooperation with the Oklahoma County Commissioners, State Department of Mental Health, North Care Community Based Services, and Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office.  The program was recognized by the Commissioner of the Department of Mental Health Services as one of two model programs in the state.

Ed has served both as a volunteer and staff member with the Oklahoma County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) program, which serves the best interest of children who are abused and or neglected and in state custody.

He currently serves on the Oklahoma Child Abuse and Neglect Advisory Board and the Oklahoma Child Death Review Board.

Ed has two beautiful twin daughters whose families reside in Norman.  He has seven precious grandchildren — his pride and joy.

“Ultimately this election is about where we want our country and our congressional district to go in the future,” Ed says, “The choice is not difficult — maintain as we are and see our education, infrastructure, and other state services devastated while making the rich richer, or stand up and demand change that benefits all who are working to have a better life.”