Educational opportunity is the cornerstone of a strong nation. While most of the educational burden is held locally, it is vital that there be strong support from the state and federal level. Our federal government should invest in our primary, secondary, and higher education systems. In addition, more effort should be put towards training programs for adults who may have missed out on an education earlier in life.

To move forward as a nation, we must create more educational opportunities. We also must remove the burden of debt associated with them. Only then can future generations realize the American Dream. A few areas we should immediately look at would be:

HIgher Education – Investing as a nation to provide free or affordable college education, we will remove economic barriers and reduce the need for student loans and provide business the educated workforce they need. As national security issue, this will reduce our dependence on other nations for technology workers.

Trade Schools – While a primary and secondary education is vital, higher education is not. Many Americans can fulfill crucial roles in our nation through trade skills. A decline in skilled tradesmen and women makes our builders and contractors dependent on illegal labor practices. If we are to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, we need to provide training in these fields for those who chose that path. Also, a technical trades education could be a way to give Americans in prison hope for a better life on the outside upon release.

Student Loans – Student loan debt is a trillion-dollar problem. It has surpassed credit card debt as the largest economic burden on two generations of Americans. Our federal government already insures a large portion of that debt. If we can bail out the big banks, they can help us bail out our youth. It’s time to get serious about investing in our future. Elimination of this debt would allow millions of Americans to invest in homes and their families.

Our campaign will be spending time on a REAL discussion about the future of our education system and what can be done to fix it. We want to hear from you, no matter who you are! In the coming months, we’ll be featuring the stories of people all over the Fifth District here. We welcome all viewpoints to help everyone involved understand the challenges we face together.