Infrastructure is the backbone of our country. It unites our country from coast-to-coast and provides the power and transit that make our society work. Both individuals and businesses benefit from the investments of decades past.

The time has come for major reinvestment. Our roads, bridges and dams are crumbling. Our electrical grid cannot handle our ability to generate power. In fact, it is estimated that we need over one trillion dollars in immediate improvements.

An investment in infrastructure is an investment in us all.  A project on this scale would also create a number of jobs. If we did this in coordination with education and criminal justice reform efforts, we would be building a new America that would create opportunity and improve the way of life for generations to come.

Our campaign will be spending time on a REAL discussion about American infrastructure and what can be done to fix it. We want to hear from you, no matter who you are! In the coming months, we’ll be featuring the stories of people all over the Fifth District here. We welcome all viewpoints to help everyone involved understand the challenges we face together.