This election is about solving problems Oklahomans encounter each and every day. Problems that can be overcome in many cases by identifying resources that focus on the problem. Often barriers get in the way or we simply do not know where to turn for information.

If you have a concern for yourself, family, friend, neighbor or anyone else in need of assistance, please contact me to address your concern. I may know of a resource that can help, or of someone who does. It is virtually impossible to touch everyone, but if we reach out to each other we can make a huge impact on the lives of our fellow Oklahomans and Americans. My pledge is to help whether I win this election or not.

I identify winning as improving quality of life for individuals, families, community, state and country. I don’t intend to wait to see if I make it to DC. Helping others is my goal and I will continue to do so; win, lose or draw. Let your friends know I am here to help regardless of political party, gender, race, religion or anything else.

By listening to your concerns and acting on them, I hope to improve quality of life for us all. Thank you.

To reach Ed call 405-439-3874 or 405-812-6823.  Please leave a message on how to reach you.